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Medicaid Planning

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As an individual ages, new needs arise. An Elder Law Attorney can help anticipate and navigate these issues.

Although Medicaid programs do receive some federal funding and guidelines, each state makes the rules for their own Medicaid programs. Additionally, each program has its own eligibility criteria; some take into account income and assets and others are provided based on age or disability.

The eligibility requirements for Medicaid for the Elderly, the skilled-nursing program, can be complicated and confusing. We, the Attorneys of Hayes & Wilson PLLC, help our clients understand what it takes to qualify for these benefits and coordinate a plan with their loved ones. Our philosophy of planning for Medicaid eligibility is transparency, both among the family and with the government services provider itself.

Our Elder Law Attorneys walk our clients through the Medicaid application process and skilled nursing qualification, as well as prepare the documents that they may need to become eligible, such as Qualified Income Trusts (Miller Trusts).

In addition to qualification, we find that many people are confused about the Medicaid Estate Recovery Program and whether they might lose the family homestead. Through the drafting of appropriate Estate Planning documents, like Transfer on Death Deeds, property can be protected while still allowing family members to receive the care they need.

The Medicaid qualification rules can be murky and seemingly contradictory. Let the Attorneys of Hayes & Wilson PLLC serve as your swamp guides. Contact us for help through the treacherous waters of Medicaid. Our Attorneys work hard to protect our clients, and their assets, from alligator bites to the tail.

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