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As an individual ages, new needs arise. An Elder Law Attorney can help anticipate and navigate these issues.

They say “it takes a village…” That is as true for children as it is for aging relatives. Caring for loved ones as they age is often an exhaustive, thankless job. The people who need care can likewise resist getting help. It can be invasive, embarrassing, or frustrating.

A compassionate Estate Planning Attorney can help ease the transition for everyone involved. We, the Attorneys of Hayes & Wilson PLLC, often serve as the family discussion leader and the coordinator of services.

If a person finds their abilities are decreasing, a well-drafted estate plan can be an excellent way to protect that person and provide them with as much independence and control as possible. Through an estate plan, a person can pick people whom he or she trusts to help with financial and personal matters. The individual can make his or her medical wishes clear and designate a Guardian before need arises.

In addition to drafting Estate Planning documents, Elder Law Attorneys help both care-givers and care-receivers coordinate services and tend to the unique needs of those who are aging or who have disabilities. Our Attorneys can make recommendations about government services that may be available, introduce geriatric case managers who can arrange for at-home help or out-of-home placement, and walk a client through potential problems that may arise.

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