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Trustee Advisement

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• Trustee Duties and Responsibilities •

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Trusts are a complicated but potentially essential part of many legal plans. Consult one of our attorneys if you are considering a trust.

Trustees are legally responsible for administering a Trust according to the terms of its creation. In addition, Trustees have accounting and reporting duties. Once named a Trustee, an individual may find these duties and obligations confusing and overwhelming. This is particularly true if the Trust holds significant or exotic assets. To properly carry out all of the duties of a Trustee, it can be highly beneficial to consult with an Attorney.

We, the Attorneys of Hayes & Wilson PLLC, help our clients:

  • Understand Their Role as a Trustee
  • Execute Their Trustee Duties
  • Create Fiduciary Accountings (if appropriate)
  • Ensure Legal Deadlines Are Met
  • Make Proper and Timely Disbursements
  • Maintain Compliance with Tax and Estate Laws

If you find yourself named a Trustee, contact us for a consultation. Our Attorneys can help you understand your roles and responsibilities, as well as help you execute your duties as a Trustee.

Call or email to schedule a consultation.

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